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Diagnostic Technologies

Our research uses tools to discover new devices and biomarkers for diagnostic applications in healthcare.

Improved understanding of disease and better therapeutics have led to enhanced healthcare outcomes. The earlier health conditions are detected and diagnosed the greater the likelihood of successful treatment.

Diagnostic technologies are rapidly advancing, for example taking account of greater understanding of the human genome to provide companion diagnostics. These indicate whether a medicine will be effective for a particular patient.

There is also a drive to miniaturise the instrumentation associated with the diagnostic test so that diagnosis can be made within the time confines of the patient consultation and at the point of care.


We are using the analytical expertise that underpins the research in the Division to identify new biomarkers and to develop new sensing platforms for rapid point-of-care diagnostics. Current investigations include:

  •   Application of global metabolomics to identify new biomarkers of disease
  •   Lateral flow devices to differentiate bacterial and viral infections

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