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Policy on the legibility of work submitted for assessment

This page contains the University's policy on the legibility of all work that is submitted for assessment. Its content is applicable to staff and students across all of the UK, China and Malaysia campuses.

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Includes: responsibilities of the candidate; candidate refusal; candidate agreement and actions

  • It is the responsibility of the candidate to take steps to ensure that all work submitted for assessment is legible including, where relevant, seeking appropriate support and guidance from Academic Support.
  • Where an examination script is illegible to the extent that the ability of the examiner to assess the work is impaired, the candidate should be asked by the School offering the module to produce a typed transcript of all/part of the work.
  • If the candidate refuses to produce a typed transcript, the work will be assessed on the basis of the legible parts only and a mark awarded accordingly.
  • If the candidate agrees to produce a typed transcript, it should be done following the procedure outlined (in the section) below.

Examination scripts

Includes: self-identification; illegible handwriting

  • Students who have dyslexia, other types of disability or a long-term medical condition are encouraged to identify themselves to Disability Support Services1 and on submission of relevant documentary evidence and/or assessment by Disability Support Services1, assessment arrangements are made. This may include the use of computers in examinations.

1 or equivalent at University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM) or University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC).

  • Illegible handwriting is not something Disability Support Services can assess or support. Students are advised to speak to their personal tutor regarding support in this area. It is anticipated that this approach reduces to a minimum the number of cases of illegible examination scripts. Where an illegible examination script is received, the procedure outlined in the Procedure for candidate typing transcripts section should be followed.

For more information about Disability Support Services, please consult the following:

Disability Support Services


Procedure for candidate typing transcripts

Includes: restrictions; costs

  • The candidate should not introduce any unauthorised materials into the room and examination conditions should be observed.
  • Candidates should be told that they should not attempt to omit or include any words that were not in the original script.
  • The transcript can be typed by the candidate under supervision, or by an appropriate member of staff with the candidate dictating.
Any costs incurred in the production of the transcript should be borne by the candidate.


    Wherever possible, Schools should request that all coursework is 
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