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NICEP Working Paper Series

The aim of the NICEP Working Paper Series is to serve as a platform to present the work in progress of NICEP members and associates/speakers and to encourage debate and discussion on our research. You are invited to email the authors of the working papers with comments and/or suggestions.  The Working Paper Series Editor is Michael Poyker

NICEP working papers are freely available online to all and downloadable in PDF format.


NICEP working papers 2021

NICEP 2021-06: Slanted media does not increase police killings

Charles Crabtree and Michael Poyker

NICEP 2021-05: Covid–19 and the media

Maxim Ananyev, Michael Poyker and Yuan Tian

NICEP 2021-04: Pork, infrastructure and growth: Evidence from the Italian railway expansion

Roberto Bonfatti, Giovanni Facchini, Alexander Tarasov, Gian Luca Tedeschi and Cecilia Testa

NICEP 2021-03: Politicians' neighbourhoods: Where do they live and does it matter?

Olle Folke, Linna Martén, Johanna Rickne and Matz Dahlberg

NICEP 2021-01: The economic impact of political instability and mass civil protest

Samer Matta, Michael Bleaney and Simon Appleton


NICEP working papers 2020

NICEP 2020-08: Wage effects of employer-mediated transfers

Santiago Garriga and Dario Tortarolo

NICEP 2020-07: It takes two to tango: Labour responses to an income tax holiday in Argentina

Dario Tortarolo, Guillermo Cruces and Victoria Castillo

NICEP 2020-06: The Brexit referendum and the rise in hate crime; conforming to the new norm

Facundo Albornoz, Jake Bradley and Silvia Sonderegger

NICEP 2020-04: Christian missions and anti-gay attitudes in Africa

Maxim Ananyev and Michael Poyker

NICEP 2020-03: The safest time to fly: Pandemic response in the era of Fox News

Maxim Ananyev, Michael Poyker and Yuan Tian

NICEP 2020-02: The first and last word in debates: Plaintive plaintiffs

Elena D'Agostino and Daniel J. Seidmann

NICEP 2020-01: Foreign influence and domestic policy

Toke S Aidt, Facundo Albornoz and Esther Hauk


NICEP working papers 2019


NICEP working papers 2018

NICEP working papers 2017

NICEP working papers 2016

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