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Oleg Makarovskiy


Oleg Makarovskiy

Oleg Makarovskiy

Associate Professor, Faculty of Science

Anything can be achieved if there is enough time and resources.


1. Describe your research topic in ten words or less?

Quantum Semiconductors.

2. Now describe it in everyday terms?

Fast development of conventional semiconductors, such as silicon, in 20th century resulted in novel technologies and devices: computers, internet, solar cells, satellite communications, etc. In the 21st century we developed a novel class of semiconductor materials with unique quantum properties, low dimensional materials, such as graphene, colloidal quantum dots, etc. My research is focussed on the search of new semiconductor materials and their application in novel devices, such as e.g. QD-LED TV.

3. What inspired you to pursue this research area?

Very fast development of computers and other electronic devices in 1980 – 2000 followed by relatively slow progress in 2000-2020 and growing understanding that further progress is impossible without new semiconductor materials and technologies.

4. What are some of your day-to-day research activities?

Work in the experimental labs, measurements, data analysis, theoretical modelling, paper writing. 

5. What do you enjoy most about your research?

Experimental work.

6. How have you approached any challenges you’ve faced in your research?

Anything can be achieved if there is enough time and resources.

7. What questions have emerged as a result of your recent work?

Do we understand electron transport in jet-printed graphene? Is it 2D or 3D material?

8. What kind of impact do you hope your research will have?

New semiconductor technologies and devices.

9. How do you link your research with your teaching?


10. What one piece of advice would you give your younger, less experienced research self?

Use your time wisely.





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