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Take 10 with our researchers

Get to know our researchers. We've asked researchers from our schools 10 questions about their research, interests and what inspires them.

Phil Williams

Take 10 with Phil Williams

Professor of Biophysics, School of Pharmacy

Alvaro Mata

Take 10 with Alvaro Mata

Researcher, School of Pharmacy

Maggie Lieu

Take 10 with Maggie Lieu

Research Fellow, School of Physics and Astronomy

Brian Kiraly

Take 10 with Brian Kiraly

Assistant Professor, School of Physics and Astronomy

Kerina Tull

Take 10 with Kerina Tull

Research Assistant, School of Biosciences

Rebecca Dewey

Take 10 with Rebecca Dewey

Research Fellow, School of Physics and Astronomy

Andreia Moura

Take 10 with Andreia Moura

Assistant Professor in Clinical Nutrition, Faculty of Science

Mohamed Henini

Take 10 with Mohamed Henini

Professor of Applied Physics, Faculty of Science

Oleg Makarovskiy

Take 10 with Oleg Makarovskiy

Associate Professor, Faculty of Science

Anne Green

Take 10 with Anne Green

Professor of Physics, Faculty of Science

Ben Lang

Take 10 with Ben Lang

Research Fellow, Faculty of Science



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