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Research within the Faculty of Science was recognised by the latest Research Excellence Framework (2014) as being 'world-class' and 'internationally excellent'.

There is a huge range of ground-breaking research activity being undertaken within the faculty.

Below are some examples of the University's science-related research priority areas, which undertake world-class research and knowledge transfer to address global issues and challenges.

We have also highlighted some of the research taking place within the individual schools which make up the faculty.


Join our future research leaders

World-class talent, working in multidisciplinary teams and with inspiring leaders, are at the heart of capturing new ideas and translating these into world-changing solutions.

As a research-led institution, the University of Nottingham recognises the value and contribution of early career researchers in delivering its ambitious, high-quality research vision. In order to enhance this vital aspect of our research network we will recruit 100 Nottingham Research and Anne McLaren Fellows by the end of 2020.

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Research priority areas 

More school research

You can find out more about the research taking place within our individual schools, centres and institutes on their websites.


Academic staff research interests

For individual academic research interests, please see the 'People' section of our individual school websites.


Featured research projects


New biological marker for Parkinson's disease

Research which could potentially help to track the progress of Parkinson’s disease. 

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Massive neutrinos solve a cosmological conundrum

A major problem with the current standard model of cosmology has been solved.

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