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The membership of the Centre is drawn from academics and researchers from Physics & Astronomy, Mathematical Sciences and other schools of the University, who are active in fundamental theoretical research on quantum systems out of equilibrium. Current members include:


Gerardo Adesso 

(Mathematical Sciences)

Quantum information theory, in particular characterisation of quantum coherence and correlations, and their applications for quantum-enhanced technologies such as quantum cryptography and metrology; dynamics and thermodynamics of open quantum systems.


Andrew Armour 

(Physics & Astronomy)

Engineered quantum systems such as superconducting circuits and nanoelectromechanical/optomechanical hybrids, in particular in far-from-equilibrium and strongly nonlinear regimes that allow to explore a wide range of novel quantum dynamics.


Juan P. Garrahan 

(Physics & Astronomy)

Statistical physics of non-equilibrium systems, such as supercooled liquids and glasses and other soft matter; molecular self-assembly; large deviation methods; relaxation, non-ergodicity and non-equilibrium in quantum systems, both open and closed.


Madalin Guta 

(Mathematical Sciences)

Development of statistical and probabilistic theory and methodology for quantum information science, including the study of quantum input-output dynamics from the perspective of system identification, central limit and large deviations behaviour, metrology and dynamical phase transitions; development of statistical methods for the estimation of large dimensional quantum states.


Walter Köckenberger 

(Physics & Astronomy)

Experimental and theoretical investigations of dynamic nuclear polarisation (DNP) and related phenomena in nuclear magnetic resonance. Development and optimisation of experimental strategies to use the high non-thermal spin polarisation in a wide range of NMR and MRI applications.


Igor Lesanovsky 

(Physics & Astronomy)

Theoretical investigation of non-equilibrium phenomena in open and closed many-body ensembles as well as correlated quantum state generation and quantum simulation with focus on quantum optical systems and cold atomic Rydberg gases with long-range interactions.


Weibin Li

(Physics & Astronomy)

Theoretical studies of creation and manipulation of strongly correlated states of light-matter and fundamental properties of hydrogen-like atoms (alkali atoms and singly charged alkaline-earth metal ions), applied in combination to explore challenging questions in quantum optics, many-body physics, quantum computation and communication.


Beatriz Olmos 

(Physics & Astronomy)

Creation and analysis of many-body states with long-range interactions based on the virtual exchange of photons between atoms excited to low-lying quantum states. Due to the presence of collective modes of emission of photons, these open up a new route for the study of non-equilibrium quantum physics.


Stephen Powell 

(Physics & Astronomy)

Novel phases of matter in which strong correlations and large fluctuations coexist, particularly those resulting from frustration, where interactions compete and simple ordered states cannot be formed. Examples include so-called "spin liquids", characterised by the presence of topological order and the emergence of fractionalised excitations.


Tommaso Tufarelli 

(Mathematical Sciences)

Theoretical quantum optics and quantum information. Particular interests include quantum estimation theory, quantum communication, the non-relativistic description of quantised light-matter interactions, methods to prepare and characterise of non-classical states of light, and the study of entanglement and other forms of quantum correlations.


Silke Weinfurtner 

(Mathematical Sciences)

Theoretical and experimental studies to investigate the interplay between gravity and quantum field theory/quantum mechanics, in particular, theoretical and experimental analogue gravity studies in fluids and superfluids.



  • Federico Carollo
  • Marco Cianciaruso
  • Luis A. Correa
  • Ricardo Gutierrez
  • Paul Knott
  • Zhihao Lan
  • Matteo Marcuzzi
  • Jiri Minar
  • Carlos Perez Espigares
  • Pietro Rotondo

PhD students

  • Anirudh Acharya
  • Thomas Bromley
  • Claire Davies-Tilley
  • Ben Everest
  • Zack Fifer
  • Matthew Jessop
  • Ryan Jones
  • Andreas Kouzelis
  • Matthew Levitt
  • Kasia Macieszczak
  • Carmine Napoli
  • Jemma Needham
  • Rosanna Nichols
  • Tom Oakes
  • Maike Ostmann
  • Sam Patrick
  • Bartosz Regula
  • Dominic Rose
  • Pietro Liuzzo Scorpo
  • Theo Torres
  • Loredana Vasiloiu
  • Buqing Xu


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