School of Sociology and Social Policy

ENQUIRE: Volume 8

Designing, Debating, Doing and Disseminating Social Research

Editors: Shuo Fei; Allan Booth; Ian Hamilton; Benjamin Mathers

The 7th ENQUIRE conference includes theoretical, empirical and methodological papers, exemplifying the diversity and quality of early career research in the social sciences. This issue focuses on a special section based on the 7th ENQUIRE conference theme on 4D Research: Early experiences of Designing, Debating, Doing and Disseminating Social Research. Whilst the PhD process is often referred to as a 'journey', this issue aims to hear about individuals' experiences throughout their PhD; from initial ideas at the masters level right through to the dissemination of published work. The aim is to facilitate mutual discussion and debate which enable people to learn from the experiences of others.

We have received eight submissions for this issue, and from screening process, which involved editorial board meetings and peer reviewing, during which all the submitted articles were rigorously assessed, we were pleased to accept one article. This article focuses on researchers' insights and reflections about the challenges, with respect to data collection, cultural obligation and peer pressure, ethical considerations and awareness, faced during conducting a cross-cultural research project in the UK and in India.

The Editorial Team would like to thank all the authors for their contributions and our peer reviewers for their invaluable comments and feedbacks. We hope you enjoy reading this issue and hope you consider ENQUIRE and contribute to the forthcoming ENQUIRE blog in the future!

An Overview of the Challenges faced during Cross-Cultural Research
Moon Halder, Jens Binder, James Stiller and Mick Gregson (Nottingham Trent University)

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