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Finding newspapers

Newspaper formats

At Nottingham we have access to a wealth of newspaper information.

Newspapers will be available in different formats:

  • Print - allows you to see articles in context and includes images and other content (adverts etc.) Media types
  • Microfilm - allows you to see articles in context.  Some content, for example, by freelance reporters may be missing due to copyright restrictions.  You will need to use a microfilm reader to consult these newspapers (UK only)
  • Online - indexed by specialist databases, online newspapers can be easily searched and accessed, but many will only include the text.  Some databases will digitise the whole page which will provide you with more contextual information.

Finding current print and microfilm newspapers

  • Search for newspapers in print using NUsearch [UKChinaMalaysia]. Microfilm formats (available in the UK only) will also be shown in your results.

Finding current newspapers online

NUsearch provides links to current online newspapers in the UK, foreign newspapers and historical archives.

Free newspapers sites will usually only allow you to view the current or more recent issues of the newspaper.

However, there are a number of specialist databases that the library subscribes to which allow you to search across further years. These include:

ResourceDescriptionSpecial coverageYear range
Nexis ®

(UK only)

News and business research service. Select Nexis ® to get news services rather than LexisNexis Butterworth

As well as English and US sources, good coverage of material in French, German and Spanish Often back to the 1980s

Some bibliographic databases, such as the British Humanities Index (BHI) substantial articles in UK broadsheet newspapers.

BHI and other databases can be accessed via NUsearch [UK, China, Malaysia]

Finding historical newspapers online and print

Online archives

ResourceDescriptionSpecial coverageYear range
Times Digital Archive A complete digital edition of the Times (London) providing full facsimile images of a specific article or a complete page The entire newspaper is captured so you can see advertisements and illustrations/photos as well as the text 1785-1985
Historical Guardian and Observer Newspaper A complete digital edition of the Guardian and Observer providing full facsimile images of a specific article or a complete page The collection includes digital reproductions providing access to every page from  available issues.

Guardian 1821-2003

Observer 1791-2003

Historical New York Times Full page and article images with searchable full text back to the first issue.    1851-2003
Burney Collection Newspapers and news pamphlets gathered by the Reverend Charles Burney.   17th-18th Century
Eighteenth Century Journals Portal 18th century newspapers and periodicals   1685-1815
Nineteenth Century British Library Newspapers 48 national, regional and local newspapers from the 19th century   19th century

Print archives (UK only)

East Midlands Collection at the University

  • The East Midlands Collection contains Nottingham newspapers for the eighteenth to early 20th centuries. The collection is not complete for this period, but for most dates at least one title is available. There is also some coverage of Derby and Leicester.
  • Information can be very detailed e.g. verbatim reports of trials, advertisements, national and international news as well as local news.
  • Requests for original bound volumes must be made in the Reading Room, where they will be produced for consultation.

More information on registering to use Special Collections and ordering items from the East Midlands Collection.

  • For preservation reasons readers may be referred to a microform alternative.

Newspapers elsewhere

Use Newsplan to find details of location of older local newspapers from the East Midlands.

Students with historical newspapers



Library access online

Further reading


  • Using Library Lending Services
  • Online research & information skills on Moodle: Malaysia

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