School of Chemistry



The School of Chemistry maintains a vigorous, competitive research portfolio and sustains international excellence within the core-Chemistry areas and in the interdisciplinary research environment at the interfaces with Biomedical Science, Physics and Engineering.

Achieving a sustainable research environment

Our facilities

  • new instrumentation to underpin our research base (£8.4M)


Our impact

Examples include:

  • new greener technologies
  • research that has contributed to current and future healthcare products, drug discovery programmes and drug delivery systems
  • spin-out companies that have delivered marketable products
  • a pioneering programme to engage the public interest and understanding of science
  • policy changes, economic, educational and environment impacts on emerging economies in Africa

PhD and early-career researchers

  • Apply for PhD Opportunities in the School of Chemistry
  • Our commitment to research training has resulted in 232 PhD students graduating since 2008 
  • Career development support for postdoctoral researchers

Working in partnership with industry

  • An embedded Business Partnership Unit within the School
  • An Industry and Business Science Fellows Scheme to manage knowledge transfer
  • The Chemistry Innovation Laboratory that works with SMEs within the East Midlands region

Research Centres and Institutes

School of Chemistry

University Park Nottingham, NG7 2RD

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