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We like lower case. It demonstrates that we're champions of equality and that we're forward-thinking and confident. Fewer capital letters are also better for readability.

So don’t use a capital letter unless it's absolutely essential. Essential use includes all proper names. We also capitalise certain job titles and official campus names. See Names and titles for detailed guidance on this.


If you're referring to the university in general, always use lower case "u". Upper case in this instance makes us look stuffy:

You'll find them dotted around the university.

If you're writing it as part of our full name, use upper case "U" – but in no circumstances make "the" upper case:

Welcome to the University of Nottingham.

Read more about how we refer to ourselves in University of Nottingham.

Subject title

Only capitalise the names of subjects if you're using the full title:

He is studying a BSc in Mathematics.

If you're referring to the subject in general, always use lower case:

Applicants require an A in mathematics at A level.

See Degrees for further information.