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Learn the language, live the culture

We know you don't choose a languages degree to sit  and learn grammar for three years. Our aim is to immerse you, not just into a language, but the cultures where it's spoken. We encourage you to follow your interests and explore what excites you most. Whether that's political history or popular culture or anything inbetween, we'll help you discover the real culture behind the language.


Three ways in which you can live the culture

An artistic shot of the Cathedral in Valencia

A year abroad

Most students take a year to live or work abroad

A book shelf showing multi-language magazines

Module choice

Optional modules covering culture, history and politics

A group of students on a night out

Language societies

Practice your language skills outside the classroom


We offer over 30 degrees across eight languages - which one's right for you?

Our eight languages which can be studied alone or in combination with other languages or subjects. You may choose to study subjects that complement one another, contrasting subjects to give you a range of knowledge or choose multiple languages making you a true language specialist.

Focus on studying one language


Study two or three languages together


Combine language learning with another subject


Start a new language from scratch

Beginners are welcome on most of our degrees

Explore learning a new language


Foundation year opportunities

The foundation year entry route is for talented UK students who do not meet the usual entry criteria for our degrees.

Discover if a foundation year could be your alternative route into higher education

Lucy stands in front of the waterfall on University Campus
My favourite part of studying my language isn’t actually the language – I really enjoy the wide range of things I get to study through my degree! I’ve studied modules in literature, film, art, translation, history and politics. It also means I’ve been able to try new subjects that I’d never studied before, such as art or film.
Lucy, Modern Languages BA

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