Department of
Chemical and Environmental Engineering
NameTelephoneJob DescriptionContact
Head of School
Dodds, Chris0115 95 14172Head of Department, Chemical and Environmental EngineeringEnvelope Icon
Bakalis, SerafimEXT: 14111Professor in Food Process EngineeringEnvelope Icon
Chen, George Zheng+44 (0) 1159514171Professor of Electrochemical TechnologiesEnvelope Icon
Conradie, Alex+44 (0)115 748 6451Chair in Sustainable Chemical ProcessingEnvelope Icon
Kingman, Samuel0115 95 14165Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of EngineeringEnvelope Icon
Lester, Ed0115 95 14974The Lady Trent Professor of Chemical EngineeringEnvelope Icon
Marsh, Stuart0115 95 15445Professor of Geospatial EngineeringEnvelope Icon
Mata, Alvaron/aChair in Biomedical Engineering & BiomaterialsEnvelope Icon
Miles, Nick0044 115 8232462Pro Vice Chancellor for Global EngagementEnvelope Icon
Patrick, John0115 951 4175Special ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Rigby, Sean0115 951 4078Professor of Chemical EngineeringEnvelope Icon
Snape, Colin0115 95 14166Director of Engineering Doctorate Centre in Efficient Fossil Energy Technologies andEnvelope Icon
Wildman, Ricky0115 8466893Professor of Multiphase Flow and MechanicsEnvelope Icon
Associate Professors
Collis, Vernon0115 951 3890Director of Studies in Chemical EngieeringEnvelope Icon
Croft, Anna+44 (0)115 8466391Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Dimitrakis, Georgios0115 95 14170Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Gomes, Rachel Louise0115 846 8883Associate Professor in Chemical and Environmental EngineeringEnvelope Icon
Hewakandamby, Buddhika0115 951 4178Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Irvine, Derek0115 95 14088Professor of Materials ChemistryEnvelope Icon
Large, David0115 951 4114Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Lowndes, Ian0115 951 4086Associate Professor and Reader in Environmental Engineering, Deputy Head of Department, Leader of the Year 3 & 4 Teaching and Tutorial Support TeamEnvelope Icon
Robinson, John0115 95 14092Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Sun, Cheng-Gong0115 74 84577Associate Professor of Clean Energy TechnologiesEnvelope Icon
Turner, John01159514640Associate Professor and Head of AdmissionsEnvelope Icon
Beneroso Vallejo, Daniel0115 748 6831Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Binner, Eleanor0115 74 84960Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Dimitriou, Ioanna0115 748 6839Assistant Professor in Chemical EngineeringEnvelope Icon
Katrib, Juliano0115 95 14104Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Muljadi, Bagus Putra0115 74 86075Assistant Professor - Chemical &environmental EngineeringEnvelope Icon
Pordea, Anca0115 951 4087Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Academic Staff in Malaysia
Arumugasamy, Senthil Kumar+6 (03) 8725 3627Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Chan, Yi Jing+6 (03) 8924 8773Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Chemmangattuvalappil, Nishanth+6 (03) 8924 8122Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Chien Hwa, Chong0389248362Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Chong, Faye+6 (03) 8725 3631Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Foo, Dominic C. Y.+6 (03) 8924 8130Professor of Process Design and IntegrationEnvelope Icon
Gan, Suyin+6 (03) 8924 8162Professor of Chemical EngineeringEnvelope Icon
Hanson, Svenja+6 (03) 8924 8128Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Hii, Ching Lik+6 (03) 8924 8714Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Khoiroh, Ianatul+6 (03) 8924 8361Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Lam, Hon Loong+6 (03) 8924 8716ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Lau, Phei Li+6 (03) 8924 8185Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Law, Chung-Lim+6 (03) 8924 8169Professor of Chemical and Process Engineering, Head of Department (UNMC) Chemical and Environmental EngineeringEnvelope Icon
Lee, Lai Yee+6 (03) 8924 8172Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Lim, Siew Shee+6 (03) 8924 8180Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Manickam, Sivakumar+6 (03) 8924 8156Professor of Chemical and Nanopharmaceutical Process Engineering; Associate Dean of Research and Knowledge ExchangeEnvelope Icon
Ong, Sze Pheng+6(03) 8924 8776Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Selvarajoo, Anurita+6 (03) 8725 3551Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Sethu, Vasanthi+6 (03) 8924 8135Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Show, Pau Loke+6 (03) 8924 8605Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Thangalazhy Gopakumar, Suchithra+6 (03) 8725 3635Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Tiong, Joyce+6 (03) 8725 3495Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Tun (Dr) Abdul Aziz, Mustafa Kamaln/aHonourary Associate ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Yazdi, Sara Kazemi+6 (03) 8924 8710Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Assistant Professors
Ferrari, Rebecca0115 748 6969Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Gouseti, Ourania0115 74 86728Assistant Professor in Food Process EngineeringEnvelope Icon
Grebby, Stephen0115 951 3883Assistant Professor in Earth ObservationEnvelope Icon
Jaeger, Christof+44 (0) 115 74 86849Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Kourmentza, Konstantina (Nadia)+44 (0) 115 748 7482Assistant Professor in Sustainable Process EngineeringEnvelope Icon
Meredith, Will0115 74 86410Assistant Professor in Fuel Science and TechnologyEnvelope Icon
Tokay, Begum0115 74 84618Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Wang, Yanming+44 (0) 115 74 84098Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Watson, Nicholas01157484848Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon

Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

The University of Nottingham
University Park
Nottingham, NG7 2RD

telephone: +44 (0) 115 95 14081