Section 7 - Powers of the Council

  1. Subject to the Charter and the Statutes the Council shall be responsible for the conduct and activities of the University and shall exercise the University's powers.
  2. In addition to all other powers vested in it, the Council shall have the powers set out in the Ordinances.
  3. Subject to the provisions of the Statutes and any other provision preventing delegation, the Council shall be entitled to delegate all or any of its functions, powers and duties to any person or body.
  4. The Council shall not delegate responsibility for:
    4.1 appointing the President and Vice-Chancellor;
    4.2 the variation, amendment or revocation of the Charter or Statutes;
    4.3 the approval of a business plan and budget;
    4.4 the approval of the University's annual audited accounts;
    4.5 appointing the Auditors of the University

New version of Statutes approved by the Privy Council - 21 July 2010

amendments approved by Council, July 2017 (pending Privy Council approval)


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