Clinical academic staff allowances

Additional clinical work

Additional clinical work payments are made via the University payroll at the request of the NHS Trust/Health Protection Agency for additional clinical work to cover sickness of colleagues or additional clinics.

Additional programmed activities

Full-time staff on new consultant contracts can be awarded Additional Programmed Activites (APAs) on top of their basic 10 programmed activities. They are always temporary, with three months' notice of termination, and are non-pensionable. APAs are paid at 1/10th of annual salary and are adjusted for any awards or discretionary points made.

Clinical excellence awards

Clinical Excellence Awards (CEA) are pensionable and can be awarded to employees on new consultant contracts. Levels 1 to 9 are awarded by local committees and levels Bronze to Platinum are awarded at national level by the Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA). Some staff are still in receipt of discretionary points and distinction awards, which preceded CEAs, and will continue to receive them until the time they are superseded by the award of a CEA.

Junior doctors' banding

Junior doctors' banding payment may be paid to Clinical Lecturers for out-of-hours work. The payment, which depends on the intensity and the environment of the work, is calculated as a proportion of the basic salary and added to the monthly salary. There are different levels of supplement depending upon the nature of the post, in terms of overall time on duty, the working pattern, the intensity of the work and the anti-social nature of the post.

Clinical Assistant Professors rotate to different hospitals approximately every six months and it is usual that the banding payments change at the different hospitals.

Junior doctors' pay banding
BandSupplement Criteria
1A 50%
  • Up to and including 48 hours per week
  • High intensity
  • Most unsocial times
1B 40%
  • Up to and including 48 hours per week
  • Lower intensity
  • Less unsocial times
1C 20%
  • Up to and including 48 hours per week
  • Low frequency on-call rota from home


On-call availability supplement

On-call availability supplements are pensionable payments paid at a percentage of basic salary depending on the frequency and category of call outs. Frequency is determined by reference to the number of consultants on the rota and category is determined by the nature of responses during the on-call period.

  • Category A: typically required to return to site immediately when called, or has to undertake intervention at a similar level of complexity to those that would normally be carried out on site
  • Category B: typically respond by giving telephone advice and/or by returning to work later
Frequency of rota commitmentCategory ACategory B
High: 1 in 1 to 1 in 4



Medium: 1 in 5 to 1 in 8



Low: 1 in 9 or lower



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Further information on additional payments for clinical staff, including current rates, is available from NHS Employers.



Last edited Dec 18, 2023