Payments for additional duties


You may receive an acting-up payment if you take on part or all of the duties of a higher-level post on a temporary basis.


Certain staff are able to complete external professional work under the external work policy. Staff who undertake external work in accordance with the policy, may choose to be remunerated via Nottingham University Consultants (NUC). External work can only relate to work that can be done away from the University, for example, analysing results and writing reports. Payments made through the University payroll to employees completing external consultancy work must be authorised by NUC.


If you are a qualified first-aider registered on the Central Short Courses database, you may receive a payment of £25 per annum.


Leadership payments are made in recognition of the additional responsibility and duties for undertaking academic leadership roles.

They are non-pensionable and payable in equal monthly instalments during the term of office only.



Last edited Dec 18, 2023