Managing Migrant Workers


Points Based System

The points-based system is the biggest shake-up of the immigration system for 45 years. The system replaces over 80 existing routes to work and study in the United Kingdom with five tiers. The system allows British businesses to recruit the skills they need from abroad while providing assurances to the British public that only those migrants we need will be able to come to the UK. Further information is available at:

The University of Nottingham as Sponsor

The University of Nottingham is licensed to to sponsor migrants under the Points-Based System as follows:

Sponsorship Duties

Please note that with effect from October 2008, as part of the Home Office Points Based System, the University of Nottingham (as Sponsor) is required to carry out certain monitoring and record keeping duties of all current migrant employees (a migrant employee is anyone who requires a work permit or visa to work in the UK).



Last edited Feb 11, 2019