Working Here

Working Here

If you work at the University, it’s important you understand how things work and the way your job is structured. This includes knowing what job family you’re part of, the hours you have to work and how our pay scale works.

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with our key information, policies and guidance.

If you need more information, our HR team can explain anything you need to know.


What you need to know

What you need to know about working here:

  • Job Families – it’s important that you know what job family you’re in. You’ll find this stated in your contract
  • Benchmark role profiles – our Benchmark library of roles provides Role Profile forms
  • Salary scales - working at the University, you’ll be paid on our nationally-agreed salary scale
  • Pre-employment checks – you will be required to have health checks to meet the conditions of your offer
  • Hours of work/overtime – your contract will state how many hours you are expected to work. You’ll also find information on flexible working, shift-rota working and breaks during the day
  • Relocation - we aim to keep you in the same place but sometimes you may be relocated to other sites or within the University
  • Residence – you’re required to live in a reasonable distance to the University
  • Access to HR records – HR will keep details of your application and contract
  • Staff Engagement - it's important that we keep you updated on what the University is doing in response to the staff survey, access the link to the staff engagement pages to find out more