At The University of Nottingham, we offer competitive rates of pay.

We’ve designed a reward strategy that aims to make sure you’re paid a fair salary. We know it’s important to reward and recognise the hard work and high performance of our employees.


What you need to know

The key areas of pay you should be aware of are:

  • Allowances – you may receive additional pay for additional duties, working overtime, shift patterns or unsocial hours
  • Salary scales – the majority of University staff are paid a salary that matches one of our seven job family salary bands
  • Pay progression – to understand how we calculate pay progression we’ve written a straightforward guide
  • Recognition and rewards – managers are able to reward exceptional individual or team performance via a one off payment
  • Pay dates - pay day is the penultimate working day of each month

If you have any questions about your pay, contact our payroll services.