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Islamic Studies

Whether interpreting texts or living out their faith, Muslims are contributing ever new layers to a long and rich religious tradition. Islamic Studies explores the ebbs and flows of this tradition from the Qur’an and the Prophet Muhammad down to the present.

With an eye on contemporary issues and debates, research in Islamic Studies at Nottingham focuses especially on Islamic intellectual history and Muslim relations with non-Muslims in the interest of improving the quality of both academic and public discourse around Islam.


Main research interests

  • Medieval Islamic intellectual history
  • Ibn Taymiyya and his legacy
  • Christian-Muslim relations
  • Islam in Britain

Key staff

Resources and related content

Jon Hoover: "Why Study Ibn Taymiyya?"

Jon Hoover: "Ibn Taymiyya and Benefit (maslaha): The Caliphate and the Law" 

The Qur'an between Judaism and Christianity (lecture series)

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