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Science, Technology and Nature

The relationship between science, technology and religion has been long, fruitful and contentious. Religious thought has sometimes guided the development of modern science, and sometimes fought bitterly against it. New scientific ideas have shocked some religious communities and delighted others. Religious myths of creation have shaped how humans understand their relationship to the natural world. Today, scientific understanding of the environment and its plight has provoked a new wave of theological reflection.

Our research at the University of Nottingham explores the relationship between science and religion in great depth, from the history of environmental ethics to the development of tomorrow’s technologies.

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Main research interests

  • AI, transhumanism and theological anthropology
  • Darwin and theology
  • Death and eternal life in techno-scientific societies
  • Death and digital media
  • Digital media and digital sociology
  • Environmental ethics and theology
  • Posthumanism and religious thought
  • Science and religion
  • Theology and time
  • Theology of nature and evolutionary biology

Key staff

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