Assistive Software

A wide range of assistive software is available to support students. Many of these are available via the University network. 

Available on the university network

From September 2022, accessibility software will be provided on the university network to all students rather than offering these just in assistive technology rooms.

Click on the software to find out more about what it does and where you can get more information and support:

Accessibility features in software and devices

There are a number of accessibility features freely available in Microsoft Word, and across platforms such as smartphones and browsers. For example, did you know that you can:

  • change the background colour of a page to make it easier to read
  • have your device read text out loud to you, or talk to your laptop and have it type up your words
  • navigate long documents quickly, without scrolling
  • increase magnification of a document without having to scroll left and right to read each line

Visit our Accessibility Matters online resource to find out how to use some of the accessibility features available in Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Edge browser, web pages and your smartphone.

How to use accessibility features


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