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We offer a range of support to ensure that our facilities and services are accessible to disabled students and those with a Specific Learning Difficulty for example dyslexia, dyspraxia or ADHD.

We provide help and advice on how to use our services and work closely with Academic and Disability Support where specific adjustments are needed.

Please ask any member of staff about how to access these services and use the information below as a guide to our enhanced support.  

What is Enhanced Library Support?

The Library offers an enhanced service for disabled students.

This includes:

  • use of the Assistive Technology Rooms (ATRs)
  • extended short loan periods
  • book pick and save
  • support in using the library - searching the catalogue, finding books, scanning etc.

The Accessibility team (Academic and Disability Support) will refer you to the Library and confirm that you will benefit from any of the listed services.

Your library record will be updated to indicate that you are eligible for enhanced support, and you can then use the services. 

Students with existing Access Cards will still be able to use them, but they are no longer being issued. Anyone who holds an Access card is entitled to the same support as someone with a flag on the system.

Students with an Access Card can ask library staff to input a flag on their library record so that they no longer need to use the card.



 Assistive Technology Rooms

For information about the Assistive Technology rooms, including what's available and where they are, please visit the Library Facilities pages.

To book the Assistive Technology Rooms you can: 

 If contacting us by email or phone please let us know: 

  • which library you wish to use
  • the date(s) and time(s) you need the room
  • the duration required (up to three hours)
  • your Library Card number

Please note, you may only hold a maximum of four bookings of three hours at any one time. 



Requesting extended Short Loan periods

For enhanced support, the standard short loan period can be doubled. Just take your short loan book (maximum of two books at a time) to the Lending Desk and ask for an extension. 



Accessing additional support such as searching the catalogue and finding books

Book a Support Session of up to one hour at a time with a member of library staff by:

  • e-mail:
  • Visit any of the Lending Desks in person

Please let us know: 

  • which library you wish to use
  • the date and time you'd prefer
  • your Library Card number
  • any special requirements you may have

You will then receive an email:

  • confirming the time slot you have been allocated
  • the name of the member of staff you will be working with
  • any other specific requirements

We will always meet you at the library entrance unless you tell us otherwise.  



Saving books

We will pick books from the shelves and save them for you behind the Lending Desk. To do this email the following address with the information about each book: 

  • author
  • title
  • edition
  • classmark (if you have it)
  • which library you want to collect it from 

We will email you to let you know that the items are ready for collection, or if there are any issues. The books will be held behind the Lending Desk for seven days and returned if not collected within this timescale.





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