Copyright is an important consideration when making teaching and reading list materials available via Moodle.

Posting materials on Moodle

When posting material you must adhere to the Moodle terms of use and posting rules.

Copyright material should only be added to Moodle if:

  • You own the copyright in the material
  • Copyright in the material has expired, or is waived by the holder
  • Reuse is allowed under an open licence e.g. Creative Commons, Open Government Licence
  • The material has been scanned under a university blanket licence e.g. CLA licence and the course is delivered exclusively to students registered in the UK. Links to scans should be added rather than the scans themselves.
  • Permission has been granted directly from the rights holder
  • Fair dealing exceptions apply e.g. illustration for instruction, and criticism, review or quotation

See the staying compliant checklist for more details on any of the above.

In all cases full attribution/acknowledgement of the source should be given.

Do's and Don'ts

Do's and Don'ts of posting materials on Moodle

Link to library online resources

Use persistent links to journal articles. You can search NUsearch for ebooks you can link to.

Don't upload pdfs of library online resources (e.g. ejournal articles) that you have downloaded. This is not normally allowed under our supplier licences.

Use the library scanning service to provide extracts from books and journals under the CLA HE licence.     Don't scan and upload print materials yourself, unless you have permission to do so.

Look for copyright free, or open licensed materials that you can copy and reuse.

See the open licences and images pages for websites you can search.

Don't copy and paste, or download images and other materials from the internet without checking copyright
Link to web resources rather than upload copies to Moodle. Don't link to web resources whose origin is doubtful, or could be infringing.
Fully reference and attribute any copyright work that you copy, or link to. Don't include copyright materials without stating the source.


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