Scanning for teaching service

Request high-quality scans for your teaching

About the Scanning for teaching service

The library scanning service can create high quality scans for your teaching.

  • Scans are produced under the University’s Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Licence, which allows us to digitise extracts and images from books and journals for use on a specific UK course of study.
  • We produce high quality searchable (OCR) pdfs.
  • Scans are uploaded to a CLA digital content store and links added to your reading list so students can simply click through to their digitised reading. We can also provide links that you can add to Moodle. 
  • We ensure scans are legally provided by taking care of all the necessary licence checks and reporting for you.

We also provide a seperate Scanning for personal use service.

How to request scans for teaching

Request scans directly from your reading list

For material that isn’t available electronically, you can now make a digitisation request directly from your reading list.

How to request scans from your reading list

  1. Once you have added an item to your list, click on the three dots to bring up the item edit menu.
  2. Select 'Request digitisation'.
  3. This will display a form prefilled with information from the reading list.
    Please add the page numbers, including endnotes, if you know them and click 'Next'.
  4. Ensure the correct academic year has been selected and enter the module name and code
  5. Your name and email address will be filled in automatically.
    You can change this if you are adding a request on behalf of someone else and would prefer we contact them direct regarding this request.
  6. Click 'Next' and your request will be submitted to the scanning service

Download instructions (PDF)

We will get in touch if we need more information regarding your request, and to inform you of the outcome.

Staff guide to online reading lists

Email requests

Email requests to with the following:

  • full bibliographic details of the extract(s)
  • module name and number
  • when the scan is required for

Important deadlines

We are happy to receive requests throughout the year. Production of scans will normally take up to two weeks from request. 

To guarantee scans are available for the start of each semester the deadlines for requests during our peak times are:

  • by 1 August for Semester 1 and full year modules
  • by 1 December for Semester 2 modules

How much can be scanned?

The amount from a single work per module is whichever is the greater of 10%, or:

  • one chapter of a book
  • one article from a journal issue
  • one paper of one set of conference proceeding
  • one scene from a play
  • one short story or one poem or one play of not more than 10 pages from an anthology of short stories, poems or plays
  • one report of a single case from a report of judicial proceedings

If the material you would like scanned exceeds the limits permitted under the CLA licence we may be able to purchase permission to scan a second extract e.g. another chapter from a book, or another 10%. This would be purchased on an annual basis and is subject to publisher availability and charges. 

What can be scanned?

  • The University has to own the work being scanned, so it should be in stock in the library. We can obtain and scan copyright fee paid articles of journals which are not in stock.
  • The licence does not cover printed music, maps and charts, newspapers, and unpublished materials.
  • Some publishers, works and countries may not be covered by the licence. We will carry out the necessary checks on your behalf.
  • If the library owns an ebook or ejournal then a scan would not normally be made under the licence. If there is an ebook available for purchase then we will consider purchasing this instead of scanning.
  • Text book substitution -The sum of scanned extracts for a particular course must not substitute a textbook for the course. The CLA provide a good practice guide that you should read if you are requesting a large number of extracts. To avoid textbook substitution try to have at least one textbook as essential/core reading on your reading list.

Scan fulfilment

  • Scans have a copyright notice added and are centrally stored and recorded to allow for annual reporting to the CLA. This means scanning under the CLA licence may only be done by the scanning service.
  • Students will need to provide their university username and password to access scans when off campus.
  • Scanned images used in course presentations will need to provide a link back to the full scan with coversheet.
  • Each academic year we will contact you to confirm scans are still in use and the course is running again.



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