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American Psychological Association 2011-2013 ebook collection

This collection consists of 113 ebook titles.

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A collection of eBooks from OVID including the Oxford Textbook series covering medicine, critical care, surgery, rheumatology, oncology, nephrology, public health, psychiatry plus Diseases of the Kidney and Urinary tract, Field's Virology and DeVita's Cancer principles and practice of oncology.

Britannica Academic Edition

Online version of the 32 volume Encyclopaedia Britannica, including dictionary, thesaurus and atlas.

Brill Reference Library

Includes various reference works in Classical studies, History, Jewish Studies, Middle East and Islamic Studies and Religious Studies. 

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CABI ebook reference works

Access to full text ebooks published by CABI.  This package contains the following e-books: The Encyclopaedia of Seeds, The Encyclopaedia of Fruit and Nuts, The Encyclopaedia of Farm Animal Nutrition, The Dictionary of Entomology, The Dictionary of Fungi, Fungal Families of the World, Mason’s World Dictionary of Livestock Breeds, Types and Varieties, and The Encyclopaedia of Applied Behaviour and Welfare.

Cambridge Companions Online

Cambridge Collections Online brings together subject or theme-based PDF collections of Cambridge titles. The Complete Cambridge Companions offers access to 282 titles. Sub-collections within this collection include the Cambridge Companions to Literature and Classics Collection (173 titles) and The Cambridge Companions to Philosophy, Religion and Culture (109 titles).

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Dictionary of National Biography (DNB)

An illustrated collection of 50,000 specially written biographies of the men and women who shaped all aspects of Britain's past, from the fourth century BC to the year 2000.

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Early English Books Online (EEBO)

Early English Books Online will contain the full text of over 125,000 titles listed in Pollard & Redgrave's Short-Title Catalogue (1475-1640), Wing's Short-Title Catalogue (1641-1700), and the Thomason Tracts (1640-1661).

ECCO (C18 Collections Online)

A comprehensive digital library of Eighteenth-Century printed books.

Emerald Insight (Journals and eBooks)

Users have access to over 58,000 articles from Emerald's international management portfolio, complete with full text archives back to 1994. Subject coverage spans a spectrum of management disciplines including: strategy; leadership; library and information management; marketing and human resource management; plus a substantial number of engineering, applied science and technology titles.  We also have access to Management and Economics ebooks. Ebooks available in the package can be viewed by going to the 'Quick browse' section and clicking on the title or subject links via 'Browse of Journals and Books'.

Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics

Covers 27 key areas of the field, including Language Learning and Teaching, Bilingual and Multilingual Education, Assessment and Testing, Corpus Linguistics, Conversation Analysis, Discourse, Cognitive Second Language Acquisition, Language Policy and Planning, Literacy, and Technology and Language.

Encyclopedia of Literature

Covers 27 key areas of the field, including Language Learning and Teaching, Bilingual and Multilingual Education, Assessment and Testing, Corpus Linguistics, Conversation Analysis, Discourse, Cognitive Second Language Acquisition, Language Policy and Planning, Literacy, and Technology and Language.

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences

The premier online reference in the life sciences

Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science

The quaternary sciences constitute a dynamic, multidisciplinary field of research that has been growing in scientific and societal importance in recent years. This branch of the Earth sciences links ancient prehistory to modern environments. Quaternary terrestrial sediments contain the fossil remains of existing species of flora and fauna, and their immediate predecessors. Quaternary science plays an integral part in such important issues for modern society as groundwater resources and contamination, sea level change, geologic hazards (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis), and soil erosion.

Encyclopedia of Social Measurement

The Encyclopedia of Social Measurement captures the data, techniques, theories, designs, applications, histories, and implications of assigning numerical values to social phenomena. Responding to growing demands for transdisciplinary descriptions of quantitative and qualitative techniques, measurement, sampling, and statistical methods, it will increase the proficiency of everyone who gathers and analyses data.

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Gale Virtual Reference Library 

Gale Virtual Reference Library's powerful delivery platform puts your reference content into circulation. Researchers will have the power to Search and share results, Create mark lists, Track research through search history, Share articles using InfoTrac InfoMarks® and more.  Titles include: Encyclopedia of Religion; Encyclopedia of Russian History; Encyclopedia of Modern Asia; Encyclopedia Judaicia.

Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online

The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online is the first comprehensive online resource devoted to music research of all the world's peoples. More than 9,000 pages of material, combined with entries by more than 700 expert contributors from all over the world.

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Handbook of Organic Compounds

The Handbook of Organic Compounds:  NIR, IR, Raman, and UV-Vis Spectra Featuring Polymers and Surfactants represents a compendium of practical spectroscopic methodology, comprehensive reviews, and basic information for organic materials, surfactants, and polymer spectra covering the Ultraviolet, Visible, Near Infrared, Infrared, Raman and Dielectric measurement techniques.

Handbook of Pragmatics Online

The Handbook of Pragmatics provides up-to-date information on research in the field of linguistic pragmatics, conceived as the interdisciplinary (cognitive, social, and cultural) science of natural language use. The Handbook of Pragmatics Online is variously searchable and flexible to meet the needs of both beginners and established scholars in the field.

House of Commons Parliamentary Papers

The 18th, 19th and 20th Century Parliamentary Papers Collection features publications published officially by the House of Commons or the House of Lords from 1688 to 2004, including sessional papers and other material such as Journals and Private Acts.

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IEEE-Wiley eBook Library

IEEE Xplore is an online delivery system providing full text access to more than 400 ebooks from IEEE-Wiley.

IET eBooks Collection

The IET Electronic Books collection provides access to a selection of handbooks and reference works from within the comprehensive Knovel collection of e-books, and also links to the IET IT Reference Library. This comprises approx. 200 IT related textbooks from major publishers. Topics include: software engineering, mobile technology and information security.

IGI Info Sci - Educational Technologies eBooks

Use the search box to find a specific ebook. Alternatively, you can browse all titles available in this collection by clicking on the InfoSci-Educational Technologies link or ebooks link. These links are located on the left of the screen under the Research Collections section.

International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest

This Encyclopedia is a comprehensive resource covering the history of protest and revolution over the past 500 years.

International Historical Statistics

International Historical Statistics; 1750-2010.  3-volume set is the latest edition of the most authoritative collection of statistics available. Updated to 2010 wherever possible, it provides key economic and social indicators for the last 260 years, serving as an essential reference source.

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JISC Historical Texts

JISC Historical Texts contains the full text or page images of over 350,000 books published in England from 1475 to 1900. The service draws together content from two of the best-known and longest-established early book collections (EEBO and ECCO) and well as additional unique titles from the BL 19th Century Collection.

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Knovel eBooks

The Knovel online library includes approx. 700 of the most important science and engineering reference books and databases, including encyclopedias, handbooks, standards, and databases of material and chemical properties from over 30 leading publishers. We have access to the Engineering Subject Area Collection, Food Science collection.

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Lecture Notes in Computer Science 

Access to the full text of all volumes in this important book series published by Springer since 1973.

LION (Literature Online)

Literature Online is a fully searchable library of over 350,000 works of English and American poetry, drama, and prose, plus biographies, bibliographies and key secondary sources.

LWW Health Library

Access is to eBooks that make up the Basic and Anatomical Sciences Integrated Collection.

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Methods in Enzymology

An electronic full text version of the book series Methods in Enzymology including volumes published since 2000. Also held in print up to volume 392, 2005.


MyiLibrary is a leading aggregated eContent platform, supplying content information and management services to millions of end users worldwide. The Thieme Clinical Ebooks Collections can be accessed through MyiLibrary. 

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Nineteenth Century British Library Newspapers

This digital resource provides full-text access to 48 national, regional and local newspapers from the 19th century.

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The OECD's Online library of statistical databases, books and periodicals.  Please note that we don't have access to the IEA statistics.

Oxford Art Online

Oxford Art Online provides Web access to Grove Art Online and other art reference works. There are extensive image links and all the sophisticated search advantages possible with an online reference source.

Oxford Language Dictionaries

Oxford Language Dictionaries Online provides access to the following bilingual dictionaries: French-English; English-French German-English; English-German Spanish-English; English-Spanish Italian-English; English-Italian.

Oxford Handbooks Online

Access to three modules Archaeology, Classical Studies and History.

Oxford Music Online

Oxford Music Online comprises the full text of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, second edition, edited by Stanley Sadie and John Tyrrell (London, 2001), The New Grove Dictionary of Opera, edited by Stanley Sadie (London, 1992), and The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz, second edition, edited by Barry Kernfeld (London, 2002). Articles that have been updated since their appearance in print are date-stamped in the upper right corner of the screen..

Oxford Reference Online

Oxford Reference Online includes over 1 million entries across 25 subject areas – everything from architecture to zoology. It offers the very best in quick reference information together with authoritative, in-depth articles by world-famous authors. It also offers excellent functionality, and a wide range of additional material such as maps, illustrations and timelines.

Oxford Scholarship Online

The very best scholarly books in the humanities and social sciences searchable online. The full texts of over 920 key Oxford titles in Economics and Finance, Philosophy, Political Science and Religion are now available, together with specially-commissioned book and chapter abstracts and keywords, opening up exciting new research opportunities for students and scholars.

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The Portico archive is a centralized repository of tens of thousands of ejournals, ebooks, and other electronic content, replicated to ensure security.

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Synthesis Lectures on Digital Circuits and Systems - Collections 1 & 2

The Synthesis Lectures on Digital Circuits and Systems series is comprised of 50- to 100-page books targeted for audience members with a wide-ranging background. The Lectures include topics that are of interest to students, professionals, and researchers in the area of design and analysis of digital circuits and systems. Each Lecture is self-contained and focuses on the background information required to understand the subject matter and practical case studies that illustrate applications.

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Thieme Electronic Book Collection

The ebook package provides access to titles from the Flexibook atlases and textbook series. Subjects covered include anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, genetics, immunology and pharmacology.

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Who's Who and Who Was Who

Provides biographical information on famous and important living people in the UK and worldwide. Updated annually.

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