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Services for visitors

Some of our services are available to library visitors without the need to become a member. Our Library Discovery Tool NUsearch provides access to all of our library collections.


Visiting us

To register for a visitor card as an individual member of the public, please bring along a valid form of identification such as a driving licence or passport. 

We offer group visits for schools through the Step Into University Libraries: Visits for Local Schools.

Arrange a school group visit


Using our IT Services 

Wireless network access


If you are a visitor from another University in the UK or abroad, you can log on to the eduroam Wi-Fi network.


As a visitor you can log onto the UoN-guest Wi-Fi network. 


You can buy a photocopying card which will allow you to use our photocopying services.

Electronic library resources -  Walk in User service

You have access to a wide range of electronic resources via dedicated walk-in user computers at the following libraries:

How to use the Walk-in user service

  1. Visit a Walk-in User library
  2. Agree to our Walk-in User Code of Practice PDF format
  3. Bring along your two types of identification, we accept:

    Photo ID: University of Nottingham associate card/library card or passport, driving licence 
    Proof of address: Recent (within last 6 months) utility bill or bank/building society/credit card statement

  4. Check which resources are available through the service, before you visit:

    Walk-in User service resources

Please note: 

  • You can save results using a memory stick but it is not possible to save ebooks
  • We cannot provide access to email or software eg, Microsoft Office, internet or printers


NHS staff use of the Greenfield Medical Library resource room 

The NHS Electronic Resources Room is available in Greenfield Medical Library. NHS staff will need to have a Trust username and password to logon.

NHS staff employed by the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust can self-register for an NHS Athens account. 

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