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Services for visitors

Some of our services are available to library visitors without the need to become a member.

Visiting us

Member of the public

To register for a visitor card as an individual member of the public, please bring along a valid form of identification with photo such as a driving licence or passport. You must be over 18. We are unable to accept photocopies.


Visitor services 

Wi-Fi network access


If you are a visitor from another University in the UK or abroad, you can log on to the eduroam Wi-Fi network.


As a visitor you can log onto the UoN-guest Wi-Fi network. 


You can buy a photocopying card which will allow you to use our photocopying services.

Our libraries no longer take cash, but the following libraries do have contactless payment units available for loading credit:

Electronic library resources -  Walk in User service

Our walk-in user service is currently suspended while we investigate a simpler means to make electronic resources available to library visitors. We will update this page once we have confirmed a date to re-launch the service.

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