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Digital Healthcare: AdhereApp

In this joint collaboration between LiPP and Clearview Medical UK Ltd, Professor Louise Mullany and Dr Musarat Awan have created the AdhereApp to improve treatment compliance and health and well-being outcomes.  

Health app


This digital app carefully monitors self-administered treatments within the home, with data then stored for clinicians, parents and patients to track. Funded by the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account, this App is specially designed to treat children suffering from amblyopia, more commonly known as lazy eye syndrome.

AdhereApp Project

Amblyopia sufferers and their families will be the initial and most immediate beneficiaries of this digital healthcare app, gaining improved vision as each user will be ’in charge’ of their own treatment. Their medical pathway will be more reliably planned due to effective monitoring systems, of benefit to clinicians and parents/patients alike. The app takes full advantage of linguistics innovations, including a narrative data capture function and gamification techniques.

Clinicians using the AdhereApp will directly benefit, with more patients being treated and discharged within much quicker time-frames. Being able to make clinical decisions with accurate metrics will result in greater patient satisfaction and efficiency savings for healthcare providers by reducing unnecessary treatment costs and overall treatment times. 


Digital Platforms

Digital platforms in healthcare delivery have become more readily available for some patients, though none have the linguistics innovations and gamification techniques of the AdhereApp.

Advances in standard eye-tests via smart phones are also advancing, although as yet eye conditions such as amblyopia have been overlooked – there is an identifiable gap for digital provision that empowers patients and clinicians to gain accurate information about treatment adherence outside of clinic.

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