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The LiPP team has conducted a number of research projects in the sphere of healthcare communication.

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The rise of multi-disciplinary teams both in the NHS and the private sector has highlighed the importance of clear, concise language. The LiPP team's research helps healthcare professionals to improve the effectiveness of their interactions.  

The LiPP team has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing consultancy, workshops and training to healthcare providers. The team has a wide range of expertise from creating bespoke GP training workshops to helping individual healthcare professionals improve their leadership skills.


The University of Nottingham is a leader in healthcare communication research.

The LiPP team has a strong track record in researching communication in healthcare settings and continues to work with health professionals in various specialisms and across a range of healthcare activities. Researchers in the unit are interested in the connection between language and health as it relates to a range of clinical and communicative contexts. Health communication research undertaken by members of the team has explored topics such as:

  • The language used in primary care consultations
  • Interpreting the language of patient feedback data
  • Public communication and understandings about dementia and ageing
  • Communication strategies in health promotional material
  • Linguistic and visual design of healthcare websites
  • Linguistic strategies of asking for health advice online

Case Studies

The Community Pharmacy Simulator study

The Community Pharmacy Simulator study is a multimedia exploration and evaluation of pharmacist communication skills in a community pharmacy simulated environment. Interactions with simulated patients are video and audio recorded and linguistically analysed. 

Personalised feedback on communication strategies is provided to trainees and the video data acts as a stimulus for learning around feedback and coaching skills. 

Healthcare workers and patient talking

The Pharmacy Consultation project

The Pharmacy Consultation project was an interdisciplinary collaboration with the School of Pharmacy who conducted both local and national evaluations of the Clinical Pharmacy in General Practice role. The team were able to provide linguistic analysis of both patient consultations by pharmacists and interdisciplinary communication between professionals in the primary care sector. General Practice sites were provided with personalised feedback about their communication practices and areas for development and the linguistic analysis was useful to the overarching NHS commissioned evaluation. 

Laboratory testing

The Perfect Day Project

The Perfect Day project, which was delivered by a collaborative team from Nottingham and Leicester was concerned with developing an intervention to support GP trainees to successfully train for and pass the Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP) examination. The project was supported by Health Education England. The workshops delivered as part of this training were based upon research conducted by researchers from the University of Nottingham and King's College London and included videos and transcripts of real MRCGP exams.

A selection of post it notes from a workshop


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