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The Misogyny Hate Crime Comic 

Funded by the University of Nottingham's Institute for Policy and Engagement through Research England, this is the first of several educational tools produced in response to recommendations made in the Misogyny Hate Crime Report.



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The Misogyny Hate Crime Report recommended that an educational campaign should be delivered in order to bring about sustained societal change. As the majority of men do not engage in these behaviours, men must be involved on this journey to tackle harassment of women and girls.

The comic, Changing Minds: The Real Impact of Street Harassment, aims to change negative attitudes and behaviours that perpetuate Misogyny Hate Crime by actively and positively engaging boys and men.

We have produced a booklet to accompany the comic, which provides educators and youth group leaders with key information about street harassment, as well as some examples of activities linked to the KS3-5 PSHE curriculum. These educational resources are intended to initiate discussion and debate to change damaging cultural practices.



July 2020: Press release officially launches the comic Changing Minds: The Real Impact of Street Harassment

Click here to read the press release: A comic strip to fight misogyny hate crime



Changing Minds: The Real Impact of Street Harassment

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