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Before the 1950s, literature of the twentieth century played little part in the English curriculum at Nottingham. Lawrence was certainly not included - in fact, copies of works by Lawrence were kept in the University Librarian's office (inaccessible to students).

Commitment to the study of Lawrence grew in the 1950s, driven by the enthusiasm of Professor Vivan de Sola Pinto. He was largely responsible for the 1960 'D. H. Lawrence After 30 Years' exhibition which revived local interest in Lawrence.

Professor David Chambers, brother of Jessie Chambers, supported Pinto and the University Library in developing a Lawrence Collection based on his Nottinghamshire roots.


Vivan de Sola Pinto (left) and David Chambers (right)

Since 1960 exhibitions have played a major part in publicising the materials, and have been occasions of collaboration with other local institutions and with private lenders. New channels for display and catalogue enquiry have been opened by the world wide web. The Lawrence Resources web site attracts use from all over the world. A grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund is currently supporting both conservation and on-line access.

Philip Larkin at the 1980 Lawrence exhibition  The Lawrence and Chambers descendants at the exhibition

Photographs from the 1980 'Phoenix in Flight' exhibition

The exhibition was opened by Philip Larkin (left) and brought together the nieces of D H Lawrence, the niece of Jessie Chambers, and the granddaughter of Frieda Lawrence.

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DH Lawrence at Nottingham home

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