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Early publication

Lawrence's first appearance in print was a short story, entitled 'A Prelude', which won a prize in the Nottinghamshire Guardian competition in December 1907. Candidates were limited to one entry, so Lawrence asked two of his friends to submit entries in their name. 'A Prelude' was submitted by Jessie Chambers, and published under her name.

His student friend Louie Burrows submitted his story 'The White Stocking', which did not win a prize, but was subsequently completely reworked and published under his own name in 'The Prussian Officer' (1914).


Title from 'A Prelude' newsprint [La Pc]

The manuscript of the third story Lawrence wrote for the competition survives among the papers of Louie Burrows, copied in her hand. Entitled 'Ruby Glass', and entered under the pseudonym Herbert Richards, it was subsequently revised and published by Lawrence as 'Fragment of Stained Glass' in The English Review, 1911. 

'Ruby Glass' manuscript (detail) [La B 1] 

Cover of The English Review from 1911, which lists 'A Fragment of Stained Glass' by D. H. Lawrence in the contents

Cover of the 1911 issue of The English Review

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