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Map of Laxton Farms c. 1939

Plan of landholdings in Laxton and Moorhouse, c.1939

Plan of landholdings in Laxton and Moorhouse, c.1939 (from MS 161)

This 1921 Ordnance Survey map, at a scale of six inches to the mile, was colour-coded and annotated by two members of The University of Nottingham, Professor K.C. Edwards (1904-1982) of the Department of Geography, and Professor J.D. Chambers (1898-1970) of the Department of Economic and Social History.

As in the 1862 plan, the enclosures and strips are colour-coded to show each of the separate tenancies. The open fields had been reduced in area and re-organised by Earl Manvers’ agent, R.W. Wordsworth, between 1903 and 1906. This plan shows how much fewer and wider the strips were in comparison to 1862.

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