School of Medicine
Lead Research Radiographer Andrew Cooper holding a GE 3T MRI scanner 32 channel headcoil

Medical Imaging Unit

The unit is available for clinicians and scientists who wish to use MRI techniques to enhance their research. It can be found in the Medical School at the Queen's Medical Centre.

The unit is home to:

  • A Gamma Scintigraphy Unit with a Mediso X-ring gamma camera
  • A SPECT PET and Optical Imaging Unit with a Mediso NanoSCAN PET-CT, NanoSPECT/CT, and a Caliper IVIS imaging unit.
  • Radiochemistry facilities with labs and quality control facilities for the development and production of radiopharmaceuticals to GMT standards

They also provide access to a dedicated team of staff to help facilitate a varied portfolio of imaging-based research.

Current Research

Intraoperative gamma camera imaging

The development of a compact high resolution hybrid gamma-optical camera has resulted from a close collaboration between:

  • Professor Alan Perkins in Medical Physics
  • Dr John Lees the Space Research centre at the University of Leicester

This is currently being evaluated for intraoperative imaging in procedures such as sentinel lymph node biopsy.

Development of radiopharmaceuticals

We currently have a range of projects for the development of radiolabelled tracers including:

  • peptides
  • antibodies
  • amino acids
  • ligands for imaging of tumours, infection and fibrosis.

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