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Policy on the retention of assessed work

This page contains the University's policy on the retention of assessed work. Its content is applicable to staff and students across all of the UK, China and Malaysia campuses.

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Schools should retain examination scripts until at least the end of the academic session following the session in which the assessment occurred. 

In order to ensure the adequate functioning of the External Examiner process, where submitted work is coursework and this has been returned to the student for the purposes of providing feedback, Schools should ensure that either a copy has been retained within the School or that on request work can be returned to the School at a later date. Any work retained should be kept until at least the end of the academic session following the session in which the assessment occurred. Where assessments are submitted electronically Schools may wish to consult the Learning Technologies team to ascertain whether the chosen submission method fulfils the assessment and administrative requirements.

If you have a problem or query for the Learning Technologies team, please email: learning-technologies@nottingham.ac.uk  Email

Past marks should be used to analyse trends in results in order to evaluate the maintenance and development of academic standards. If your School uses Campus for marks processing, comparative statistics can be produced from this system. Please contact Student Services (Assessment Team) for further details. 

Schools should maintain and use sample marked scripts in all subject areas to ensure maintenance of academic standards.


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