Physiology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience


Our pharmacology research ranges from NMR structural studies of single receptors, to the modulation of cardiovascular function in entire systems.

As a team, we have particular strengths in the molecular pharmacology of G-protein coupled receptors; intracellular trafficking of receptors and transporters; the kinetics of drug-receptor interactions; the pharmacology of the cardiovascular system; and the development of new molecular tools to probe receptor structure and function.

We use these insights to tackle a variety of drug discovery challenges, with particular emphasis on cancer, cardiovascular disease and respiratory medicine. Our findings are helping to advance treatment techniques, create new drugs and, ultimately, save lives.

We collaborate closely with colleagues in the University’s School of Pharmacy on drug discovery and development, and also have extensive collaborations with industrial partners including Sosei Heptares, Promega, and AstraZeneca. Funding to support our work comes from the BBSRC, Medical Research Council, the British Heart Foundation and the British Pharmacological Society.


Research that’s making an impact

Leading the world in analysis of cell membrane proteins

The newly established  Centre of Membrane Proteins and Receptors (COMPARE) is a joint initiative between the universities of Nottingham and Birmingham and is leading the world in techniques for visualising single membrane proteins


A transatlantic drug discovery partnership

Professor Steve Hill and Dr Maria Arruda head up a transatlantic partnership in drug discovery between institutions in Brazil and the UK. The 10-year partnership, funded by CAPES in Brazil and the MRC and British Council Newton Fund in the UK, delivers training and fosters international research collaborations.


Spotlight projects

Developing new cancer and heart drugs

How we’re tackling the two biggest killers worldwide


Finding new pain killers

How we’re understanding the underlying mechanisms of pain


Key researchers in this field

Dr Steve Alexander

Pharmacology and biochemistry of G-protein-coupled receptors.


Professor Jill Baker

Drug discovery and respiratory medicine.


Dr Steve Briddon

Molecular pharmacology of G-protein-coupled receptors.


Professor Steven Charlton

Molecular pharmacology and drug discovery.


Dr Billy Dunn

Cardiovascular science.


Professor Steve Hill

Molecular pharmacology of G-protein-coupled receptors and receptor tyrosine kinases.


Dr Nick Holliday

Molecular pharmacology of peptide and nutrient receptors. 


Dr Lopa Leach

Vascular biology.


Dr Vera Ralevic

Cardiovascular science.


Dr Liz Rosethorne

Drug discovery.


Dr Vince Wilson

Autonomic pharmacology.


Dr Jeanette Woolard

Cardiovascular pharmacology and vascular endothelial growth factor function.



Physiology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience

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