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The Goal

Our aim is to help inspire a generation and enable them to discover problems worth solving, and offer them the tools to create scalable sustainable solutions, aiming to build a stronger UK society as well as UK PLC.  By highlighting issues on a city scale, participants can determine achievable social innovations that can impact across the country and beyond.  Offering information, data, and insight; world-class enterprise will be created on our doorstep, bringing more dynamic industries to Nottingham and the UK. 

However whilst you may not want to start a business, the ability to innovate, be creative, resilient, be able to collaborate and lead are vital in enabling your future career.  As well as understanding new technology, being able to plan and budget, and have social understanding and empathy, you will also gain professionally from the event.

As part of the Ingenuity19 programme, participants will have access to (see the Ingenuity19 website for more details):

Inspired and informed

At  the weekend summits you will be inspired and informed by an amazing range of speakers.  The Future Communities Summit (16 and 17 February 2019) will teach you about the experience of poverty in Nottingham, and other UK cities.  First hand from those that live it, and from those that are working to change things from within, as well as in public agencies and organisations. Experian will also present a fascinating set of primary data and analysis to add to the testimony, which will prime you for an afternoon of collaboration, ideation and innovative solutions.  Day 2 will then offer you ideas and experiences of how to make that solution a reality by devising a sustainable model of operation.  You will hear from development agencies, corporate and institutional investors, as well as young entrepreneurs who are already creating change in the social space.  And again you will apply that to your own ideas in the afternoon.

The Future Technology Summit (23 and 24 February 2019) will focus on where tech is. We kick off from the new Head of Google Campus and how they tackle innovation, then learn about the essentials of AI, the psychology of tech, before primary data from Experian of where tech is and where it is going.  Must have information and inspiration, forming the perfect foundation for ideas generation.  Day 2 will offer further inspiration of how to future proof your ideas.  Where will industry be going; social shifts that will affect our lives, and what it means to be human will all be explored; including a look into the cutting edge of academic focus.  And finally we will look ahead to how governments are preparing for the likely paths ahead, and where opportunity sits, from the Director of AI and the Data Economy at Innovate UK.  And finally that afternoon you will collaborate and cooperate with hundreds of other innovators. 

The Tools for the Job

At the develop sessions you will learn over 6 weeks how to take your idea through to a costed business plan.  You will cover:

  • Week one - Business Planning and Pitching your idea          
  • Week two - Market and Competitor Analysis              
  • Week three - Marketing and promotion              
  • Week four - Cash flow  and financial Planning             
  • Week five - Intellectual Property and protecting your work     
  • Week six - Forming and running your business

This will be delivered online with a weekly e-seminar and added value resources, before a weekly session at Business School South on Jubilee Campus with a keynote and specialist panel to answer your questions (this will also be live streamed and recorded).

Community of Innovation

This year you will be joining not only the rest of the University of Nottingham but also staff, students and alumni from other regional universities; staff from large corporate originations; teams from the NHS and Nottingham City Council; as well as those working to change lives in communities.  This will have value to your university of Nottingham experience as you meet and connect with future leaders and change makers. 

The Competition

Ingenuity19 is about being inspired and having the skills to develop a costed plan, but then it’s about validating that plan against many others and competing for the prize funds and further support.  Making those ideas happen, convincing others to join and support you, and winning the resources to allow it to fly!

To Apply

For University of Nottingham students the full cost of the event is covered by a bursary.  This means that you can come to both summits, take the 6 week course and enter an idea all for free.  What we do insist on is that you come to at least one of the weekend summits in full.  This significant investment into your employability during your time here, or your future as an entrepreneur perhaps based at the Ingenuity Lab, is all part of the added value the University of Nottingham provides.  To sign up please follow the registration link and click on the ‘University of Nottingham only’ button at the bottom of the page and the deadline is the 7 of February.

Posted on Wednesday 23rd January 2019

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