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Nottingham Periodic Table - have your say!

The International Year of the Periodic Table is launched today in Paris and the University of Nottingham has revealed some exciting plans to celebrate this scientific milestone, including creating a Nottingham Periodic table featuring recognisable landmarks, sayings and people from the city.

Nottingham Periodic Table

To mark this important event the University of Nottingham is creating a Nottingham version of the Periodic Table and is asking people to help by providing their suggestions of Nottingham related replacements for the chemical elements. For example Fr – Friar Tuck, Pa – Paul Smith, Eu – ‘Ey Up Mi Duck’. Submit your suggestion.

The completed Nottingham Periodic Table will be unveiled at this year’s Wonder event on 15 June which will also have a periodic table theme.

Another highlight of the celebrations is a guest lecture from Russian nuclear physicist, Yuri Oganessian on 13 March, he is the only living person to have an element, Oganesson, named after him (No 118). 

Posted on Tuesday 29th January 2019

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