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Studying abroad after Brexit

Studying abroad after Brexit

We are committed to providing a global experience for all Nottingham students, including life-changing opportunities to study or work abroad during our degree courses – at partner universities in Europe and around the world.


The University has made a commitment to continue providing outgoing student mobility and exchange programmes through the Erasmus+ scheme (or an alternative to the Erasmus+ scheme) until the 2021/22 academic year, regardless of whether Erasmus+ funding from the UK government continues beyond Brexit.

University of Nottingham students studying or working abroad as part of the Erasmus+ programme in the 2018-19 academic year will continue to be funded for their mobility period in Europe and can find more information on Erasmus+ grants and residing in a European country on the University Workspace.

The UK government has not confirmed whether the UK will remain a part of the Erasmus+ program after 2018-19 but as the University of Nottingham has made a commitment to continue providing outgoing student mobility and exchange programmes for students going to Europe, the University will publish details of the funding for the 2019-20 year by the end of the 2019 Spring Term for outgoing students studying or working abroad in Europe in the 2019-20 academic year.

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Studying abroad outside Europe

We offer a range of student exchanges and study abroad opportunities at our international campuses in China and Malaysia and our partner universities around the world.

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Current EU students studying abroad

Absences from the UK of longer than six months generally mean that you cannot claim continuous residency in the UK, which is a requirement for applying to the EU Settlement Scheme. There are some exceptions which allow you to be absent from the UK for up to twelve months and still be considered continuously resident. This includes studying abroad.

If you are currently studying abroad or you are a current student who plans to study abroad for less than twelve months in the near future, you will still be able to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme – from within or outside the UK – as long as you meet the other eligibility requirements. If you are absent from the UK on the date when the UK leaves the EU, you will still be able to re-enter the UK without a visa by using a valid EU passport or national identity card.

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