Visa and immigration


For visa guidance please find below a list of useful links. This information is checked regularly to comply with any UKBA changes:

Visa and Immigration

Visa and Immigration


Guidance for representatives

Students entering CELE for a presessional English course will need a visa for this course. Separate visa applications have to be made for CELE and for academic courses, and the student will extend the visa from within the UK upon successful completion of the CELE course. Students who have met their English condition and attend the 4 week CELE course will not usually need a separate visa for this course as they can come to the UK on the visa for their academic course, which is usually valid for up to a month before the academic course start date.

Students and representatives must pay careful attention when verifying CAS details and making a visa application, and it is important that the information in a CAS is checked individually by students to ensure that everything is correct before confirming. Even the smallest of mistakes during this stage of the process can result in a rejected visa application, which will cause delays and expense if the student reapplies, or could prevent the student from studying in the UK.

We advise that students begin the CAS process in good time – by accepting their offer, meeting offer conditions and paying the deposit (foundations and postgraduate taught masters courses only) – so that they can apply for a visa as soon as possible and ensure that that they can arrive for their course on time. The earliest a student can apply for a Tier 4 visa is three months before the start date of the relevant course.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our International Support Services Team or your International Admissions contact for guidance.

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