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 Energy tips poster 2022


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These top tips are key to keeping your energy costs down and reducing carbon emissions at home.

As most people's energy bills have risen significantly, the cost savings add up. However, there will only be so much energy you can save at home before reduced heating negativley impacts your health or wellbeing. Instead, you can look to other areas in your day-to-day life where you could save money, for example not buying new clothes for a month.

Households can also save up to 8% on energy bills by reducing combi boiler flow temperatures, and save 10% (£42) of hob cooking costs by using a lid on your saucepan. These small changes together, make a big difference. 

Discussions around energy saving myths and further energy tips can be found here:

You can be rewarded for these sustainble actions through our Green Rewards app, where you win prizes for sustainable living and which will help you make savings in other areas of your life.

Make a change and make a difference!

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