Energy: What you can do

Reducing our energy consumption will reduce our carbon footprint and result in cost savings.Help us ensure that we’re using our energy smartly by:

Students in library

  • Turning off your monitor when away from your desk for more than 5 minutes
  • Turning off all electrical applicances when not needed, especially overnight
  • Making the most of daylight - open blinds and keep window ledges clear of clutter
  • Turning off lighting when not required
  • Keeping doors and windows closed when the heating is on
  • Reporting heating, cooling and lighting faults via the Estate Office works request form
  • Don’t leave lab equipment (such as fume cupboard fans) running when not in use
  • Considering the energy efficiency rating of electrical appliances when purchasing or leasing new equipment

Read more specific tips on: 

There's also a more detailed walkround checklist for energy saving in laboratories PDF format.

Sustainability Team

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