Energy: what you can do

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Reducing our energy consumption will reduce our carbon footprint and result in cost savings, enabling funds to be reinvested elsewhere. Help us ensure that we’re using our energy smartly by:

  • Turning off your monitor when away from your desk for more than 5 minutes
  • Turning off all electrical applicances when not needed, especially overnight, including laptop power banks
  • Avoiding the use of portable electric heating devices – if your space feels cool contact the Estate office helpdesk
  • Making the most of daylight - open blinds and keep window ledges clear of clutter
  • Turning off lighting when not required
  • Keeping doors and windows closed when the heating is on
  • Reporting heating, cooling and lighting faults via the Estate Office works request form
  • Turning off lab equipment (such as fume cupboard fans) when not required
  • Considering the energy efficiency rating of electrical appliances when purchasing or leasing new equipment
  • Identifying additional steps that your department or institution could take to reduce its energy use. The Sustainability Team can provide advice on how you can go about this


Sustainability Team

Estate Office, University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD