Klimato - carbon labelling

In 2022/2023, we are trialling using carbon labelling on some of our menus to educate staff and students on the CO2e impact of their food choices. We have now rolled it out in our catered accomodation, Portland Saijokai and Mama's as of November 2022, and plan to introduce it at some of our other catered outlets if the trials are successful.

We have partnered with Klimato to use their web-app to help us to do this, by calculating the climate impact of the dishes we serve.


Klimato use data from studies where the whole lifecycle of a food is taken into consideration when assessing its CO2e emissions. This includes cultivation, farming, processing, packaging and transportation of food items.

Since 2019, they have been building their own comprehensive database which is regularly updated and takes into consideration aspects such as country of origin.

The labelling is split into Low, Medium and High, based on One Planet Plate and the WWF guide to a sustainable diet:



You can read more about Klimato on their website.

Sustainability Team

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