Creative and digital industries

Creative and digital industries

The Creative and Digital Industries are currently worth around £268 million to the UK economy with steady growth year on year. Certainly, the UK is recognised as a global leader in the sector with particular strengths in the areas of film and television; museums and heritage and digital creative companies.


Our key research capabilities

At the University of Nottingham, we have experts working across the full spectrum of creative industries from Architecture to Marketing to Music and the Performing Arts. This activity is enhanced by the University’s fantastic public arts programme, delivered through Lakeside Arts.

We also have particularly strengths in relation to the digital industries through our excellent School of Computer Science and the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute; as well as the creative technology sector though the work of the Mixed Reality Lab which focusses on the potential of ubiquitous, mobile and interactive technologies to shape everyday life.

From the use of narrative design to improve museum spaces to exploring how people experience consumer products with immersive technologies, we have a wide range of experts working in areas related to the creative and digital industries and experience of applying this expertise to a range of industry projects.

Free university support for local creative and digital businesses

The university is currently delivering an ERDF-funded business support programme to creative and digital businesses in the D2N2 region. The Live, Experiential and Digital Diversification: Nottingham (LEADD:NG) programme, offers free support to local businesses to explore the potential of immersive technologies for the development of new products and services.