School of Biosciences

Professional responsibility

Key competencies

Entrepreneurialism and creativity

As a bioscientist the challenges we face in solving complex global issues will require new ways of working and people who are adaptable at solving the challenges ahead.

We will encourage you and give you opportunities to develop your awareness of being open to new ideas and different ways of thinking, and to be creative and imaginative in the ways you solve problems and do science

Business, work and societal awareness

You will develop an understanding of the commercial, environmental and societal issues that arise in your discipline and appreciate how your skills and knowledge can be effectively applied to address these issues.

Professional ethics and integrity

You will act with rigour, honesty and integrity and develop the confidence to professionally question those who report biased results based on vested interests.

You will be respectful of the principles and values of your discipline to minimise and justify any adverse effect your work may have on people, animals and the natural environment.

You will understand your own responsibilities to your discipline and appreciate your social, cultural, global and environmental responsibilities to your subject.

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School of Biosciences

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