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Witty Entrepreneurial Scholarship

2022 Witty Scholars 

The Witty Entrepreneurship Scholarship is for students who have an interest in setting up their own business, being creative, innovative, having a distinctive career, supporting social enterprises and giving themselves an edge in a competitive jobs market.

The programme takes advantage of the great resources available at the University of Nottingham. Based in the Ingenuity Lab at Jubilee Campus, Witty Scholars have a unique membership scheme, where they can gain advice and support of experienced mentors in a variety of fields and attend tailored workshops to help them focus on and achieve their career goals.

There is also the opportunity for support with paid internships, gaining international experience, funds to get your own business started or opportunities to connect with larger businesses.

Find out how some of our students have made the most of the Witty Entrepreneurship Scholarship.

Junelle Ayettey

BA Philosophy

2017 – 2020


Junelle was a member of the first cohort of Witty Scholars and has used her funding to attend international internships and develop business ideas over in Africa.

She said: “I am no longer afraid of my prospects after university as I believe that this scholarship has equipped me well and I feel confident to face any challenges I may encounter.”

Azraf Bor

BSc Microbiology

2018 – 2022


Azraf has been using his time with his mentor to apply for placement year position. He has had advice on his applications and suggestions of places to apply. He has met with mentors from the local business community who have advised him on his career aspirations.

George Smith

BA Geography

2016 – 2019


George graduated in July 2019 and has set up his own music production and promotion company back in his home-town of Wolverhampton.  The Floreat Project aims to provide a 21st century approach to music making and talent development


Abdi Salad BSc Economics 2017 - 2020 & Sheryar Shabbir MSc Chemistry 2017 - 2021                                                                  

Abdi and Shehryar have been working together to set up a communications company with a social focus, connecting urban communities. The students have been working with a range of staff to support them with their first venture.  “The support and guidance received from the WittyEntrepreneurial Scholarship programme encouraged us to pursue business ideas that otherwise seemed impossible”

Adelle Tery-Lewis –BSc Finance, Accounting & Management

2018 - 2021 

Adelle started her lingerie business Coco & Raine  before coming to the University of Nottingham. Through support from her scholarship and mentors she has been able to continue running her company alongside her degree. “Grateful isn’t a strong enough word for how I feel about the Witty Scholarship. Being a Witty Scholar has been the deciding factor in committing to or quitting my business. I can’t thank Andrew Witty, his family and the team enough for all their help and support."

Ikra Mahmood BMedSci and BMBS

2018 - 2023                                                                                         

Ikra is working to establish her own tuition business, with a social impact focus. As a widening participation student, she is committed to provide free places for prospective students in a similar circumstances. “The support I have received has been phenomenal, the mentoring and expertise is second to none. Words cannot express how grateful I am to Sir Andrew Witty and the Ingenuity Lab team for their support and help.”  



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