Haydn Green Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Theory and practice of sustainable food systems in the global south


A sustainable food system (a set of health, food and relevant factors or conditions) calls for novel understandings and practices in communication and collaboration across disciplinary, sector, social and national boundaries.

Based upon the exploration and network of China’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), this project aims to facilitate CFRS and CSA members to develop common interests in research, experiment and demonstration, and entrepreneurship training to share good practices in CSA development and address challenging issues facing sustainable food system in China and the global south.

This project aims to:

  1. Share good practices in CSA movement, sustainable food, organic farm, food standards and policies in the UK and other countries via regular webinars and CSA training courses.
  2. Identify key challenges or barriers against the adoption or diffusion of sustainable farming practice, and develop joint experiment and demonstration projects.
  3. Understand new momentums, resources, opportunities and constraints against sustainable food system, CSA movement and consumers’ participation at different levels (regional, national, international).
  4. Develop relevant strategies, policy recommendations and training courses for different stakeholders and groups (including ECRs and university students) in different countries or regions. 

ECRs: Shuru Zhong (SYSU), Zhenzhong Si (WLU), Christian Reynolds (CityU), Qian Yang (UoN), Kamal Alskaf (UoN), Punita Bhatt (UoN)

Mentors: Yan Shi (CSA), Gubo Qi (CAU), Bin Wu (UoN)

Contacts: Shuru Zhong or Qian Yang 

Nottingham University Business School

Jubilee Campus

Email: ingenuitylab@nottingham.ac.uk