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Transformation of community forestry and ecological-social effects in China


In the context of global challenges of climate change, rural poverty and food security, community forestry plays a vital role to ensure a successful transformation of rural livelihood system for sustainable use of natural resources (especially land), biodiversity protection, carbon neutrality, and poverty alleviation in the global south.

This project aims to review and summarise past experiences, lessons learnt and good practices in the transformation of community forestry across China in the past four decades in order to identify:

  1. Variations and patterns of successful management practices 
  2. Conditions, motivations and dynamics of community forestry transformations
  3. Ecological, economic and social impact of community forestry at different levels
  4. Trends and scenarios for the future of community forestry in China with policy recommendations to relevant stakeholders at different levels. 

The above objectives will be addressed through a mentoring programme for research collaboration among interested ECRs by joint research design and the analysis of a longitudinal survey data of community forestry collected by the National Forestry Economics and Development Research Centre (NFEDRC). 

ECRs: Qirui Li (Bayreuth University), Yan Jin (YAU)

Mentors: Can Liu (NFEDRC),  Bin Wu (UoN), Yiying Cao (ADAS).

Contract: Biao Liu

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