Cancer Research Nottingham

Brain Tumours

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For more information on program funding for brain tumour research, see the "£1.5m partnership will fight childhood and adolescent brain tumours" press release.

Prof Richard Grundy Childhood cancers; neuro-oncology; ependymomas; glioblastomas  
Prof David Walker Brain tumours; CNS tumours; molecular oncology; CNS drug delivery; HeadSmart; early diagnosis of cancer; neurosurgery; neuroimaging; brain imaging; cancer predisposition; cancer therapy
Dr Paul Scotting Children's cancer; germ cell tumours; DNA-methylation; CNS development  
Prof Dorothee
Imaging biomarkers; clinical neurosciences  
    Drug delivery of antitumour agents  
Prof Kevin Shakesheff Drug delivery of antitumour agents  
Dr Beth Coyle
Drug resistance mechanisms in tumours; apoptosis; metastasis; cancer stem cells; pre-clinical models; ependymomas; primitive neuroectodermal tumours; gliomas
Dr Rajendra Kumari Pre-clinical cancer modelling; bioimaging; tumour microenvironment; targeted therapies
Dr Sophie Wilne Paediatric Oncology