Cancer Research Nottingham

Lung/Thoracic Tumours

The links below provide further information on each researcher and their work.
Dr David Baldwin   Clinical lung cancer; epidemiology; diagnosis   
Dr Tracey Bradshaw Cancer therapeutics; chemoprevention; toxicology  
Prof John Britton Tobacco control studies; lung cancer; gastrointestinal cancer; bladder cancer  
Dr Caroline Chapman Immune biomarkers; lung cancer; breast cancer; B cells   
Prof Karen Cox    Cancer care; palliative care; clinical trials management; patient experiences; follow-up; survivorship; end of life care  
Dr Amir Ghaemmaghami Immunology; tissue engineering; lung tissue  
Dr Anna Grabowska
Pre-clinical cancer modelling/imaging; target validation; tumour 
Prof Ian Hall Respiratory medicine; genetics of airway diseases   
Prof Richard Hubbard Aetiology and health care; lung cancer; national lung audit 
Prof Alan Knox Molecular pathogenesis; COPD; lung disease 
Dr Rajendra Kumari Pre-clinical cancer modelling; bioimaging; tumour microenvironment; targeted therapies
Dr Paul Maddison Paraneoplastic disorders; small cell lung cancer 
Dr Luisa Martinez-Pomares
T-Regs; macrophages; mannose receptor; lung epithelium 
Prof John Robertson Immune biomarkers; early detection; lung and breast tumours  
Dr Laila Tata Lung cancer (national audit)
Dr Andrew Wilcock Supportive care; palliative care; cachexia; rehabilitation 
Dr Sebastiaan Winkler Post-transcriptional gene regulation; deadenylase enzymes; deadenylase inhibitors; Ccr4-Not; BTG/Tob proteins; leukaemia and lymphoma; breast cancer